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asrock b450m pro4 and 2500g soft lockup

Question asked by shguy on Apr 16, 2020

My system randomly freezes on linux and BSODs on windows.


CPU/APU: Ryzen 5 2400g (Graphics not used)

GPU: saphire radeon nitro+ rx580

Motherboard: Asrock B450m pro4 (Version P3.50)

RAM: Dualkit G. SKill F4-3000C16D-16GISB 2x8GB  (16GB)

Power supply: Be Quiet Pure Power 10 400W 80+ silver


Tested on OS/Distro:

 - Windows 10: Bluescreen

 - Arch Linux with default kernel: Freeze

 - Arch Linux with lts kernel: Freeze

 - Gentoo with fully custom kernel and built-in firmware for GPU and CPU: Freeze


Current Behaviour:

I use linux as my daily drive, so sorry if i can't provide windows-related information.



Random Bluescreens, mainly while Browsing. (Never had a crash while Gaming)



- System either freezes to death (hard reboot required) or

- Becomes unable to do anything, while still running and partially working. Trying to shutdown the system results in freeze (Probably because the xorg-server freezes)


Procedures taken:

- Compiled custom kernel with built-in firmware for the rx580 and amd-microcode (for the cpu)

- Reset Bios and check for:

   - Disabled C-States: Disabled by default

   - Power Supply Idle Control: Set to "Typical current Idle"