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Problem with Radeon RX 580

Question asked by jables on Apr 16, 2020

So I bought my PC a couple months ago and for some time there have not been any issues whatsoever. However, lately I am experiencing some rather weird problems. There is a variety of different problems, which have been occuring more and more frequently lately, and now I am at a point, where I can't play anymore, because the PC keeps crashing. I assume these issues go back to the GPU. For instance: The Pc sometimes won't boot, the GPU fans ramp up and then shut down, the card usually gets farely warm during that process. In order to start it, I would have to wait and after like 20 minutes, try again and pray that it works. If it starts and I can finally play some games, it goes on. When I am playing Cs:Go, a game that's rather undemanding, I get random artifacting on the screen and the game tabs out, weird thing is though, that I can't open it anymore, in this case I am basically stuck on desktop, but I can still hear my gun firing etc. That means the game ist still open and playable, but I can't see it. And the third and last occurance is just a static screen. I have seen the colour ranging from black to red. There is also a static sound playing on my headset at this stage. So far I have tried different drivers, underclocking and adjusting the fan curves. Keep in mind, the PC works just fine without the GPU. I would gladly appreciate any help, as I am not that good with that kind of stuff, and this is the only thing I had yet to try.

Thanks for your help, Jables



Intel core i5 6500 @ 3.2GHz

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-b150m-D3H

Radeon RX 580