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"Radeon Settings: Host Service" Using 100% CPU and memory.

Question asked by linker1124 on Apr 16, 2020

It lags all of my PC. To stop lagging I need to kill the service. It's annoying. And for some motive this service uses 35% of GPU, ALL the time. I already uninstalled the driver, but the problem still. I know that here is not the place to ask, but I have another problem: my RX 580 4GB Sapphire Nitro+ is turning off with the default fan settings of the driver, and I need to change the PWM fan settings to use my graphics card (at least 100% at 65°C), ;-;, someone knows why? I'm using a HDMI - VGA adapter, when I plug the PC


I3 9100F

RX 580 4GB Sapphire Nitro+

Gigabyte H310M M.2
1TB HDD Seagate Barracuda

Ps: the screenshot is for the constant usage of GPU by this service. I can't take a shot of the 100% CPU and memory usage, because the PC lags so much that I can't use it.