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3700x infinity fabric

Question asked by emfuser on Apr 15, 2020

Ok. I've been submerged under reading as much as I can about this infinity fabric, ddr4 memory timings, and CR 1T vs 2T. I haven't really been able to answer this question with what I've read. So, I figure that this may be the best place to ask it.

I'm looking to upgrade from the awesome 2700x and Asus CH7H. No real reason other than the new 3700X and beyond has support for higher memory clocks at better latencies. Problem is, I've read that at 3766 MHz, the integrated RAM controller, (aka infinity fabric) "multiplier kicks in", and reduces speed of some other operation. What I'm asking is if that "other operation" is the Command Rate. For clarification, the best speed was supposed to be at 3600 MHz, because infinity fabric steps down at any setting above that. Is this the command rate? Is infinity fabric directly related to CR? The difference between 1T and 2T? Because if that's the case, it seems that 4800 MHz wouldn't really perform better than 3600 MHz RAM, and would explain some entries in the QVL. This may be an oversimplification, or just plain misunderstanding, so maybe clarification between 1T and 2T command rate and HOW it relates to infinity fabric may shed some light.

If I were to upgrade from this already awesome system to the newest future-proof tech, I could stay with it for a while. I like what I have, but that RAM timing for 3600 MHz was cl14, way better than what I'm running now. It is quite tempting.