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Xen(xcp-ng) windows 10 guest trouble

Question asked by technot on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2020 by elstaci

I have home server using xcp-ng.

I have 2x amd R9 280X and one amd RX550.


I can passthrough any of the gpus to any linux guest with no problems. Any driver in the linux guest works fine.


However, with windows 10, i have tried all available drivers, and the only one i am able to install is:




Anything newer results in the install crashing during the end, and rendering the guest unable to even boot.

I need to shutdown the guest, remove the passthrough gpu, start the guest and use DDU to remove the driver,

before shutting down, readding the passthrough gpu, boot and install the driver mentioned above.

This behaviour is the same for both the R9 280X and the RX550.

It is however the 550X i would prefer to use.


I can live with the driver mentioned above, as it works fine. But windows10 keeps trying to install new driver on its own every once in a while, and the only way to stop it is to use wushowhide from windows support.

Only problem is that i have to hide that new update everytime windows pushes a new amd driver through windows updates. And that means that im going through that whole process mentioned above every time it happens.


I am a bit fed up with that, so I am hoping someone can shed som light. Is there a way to install and run the newer drivers inside a xen based vm guest using passthrough of consumer grade amd gpu like RX550


Thanks in advance for any help.