RX570 4GB Core Clock fluctuation

Discussion created by trandulett on Apr 14, 2020

I finally replaced my old HD7850 with a second-hand RX570. Thing is, now i'm getting quite exactly the same or even worse FPS than before. I only play CS:GO at the lowest settings possible at 1280x1024 resolution. Monitor is at 144hz, so the more FPS, the better. 

I've monitored my CPU and GPU usage, temperatures are fine, CPU usage is nothing out of the ordinary (65-80%). One thing that i've noticed, is that the GPU's core clock seems to be fluctuating pretty hard (going everywhere from around 500 to 900MHz), very rarely it is at max. Memory clock however is always at maximum. I asked my friend, who also has a 4GB RX570, to monitor his GPU core clock. As soon as he launches CSGO, it's at max and doesnt fluctuate at all. 


My PC is running an i3 6100 processor, 8gb of DDR4 RAM.

What else should i try? I have freshly upgraded from win 8.1 to 10 (because RX570 doesnt support 8.1 lol)

Installed and fiddled around with various GPU drivers (crimson and adrenalin, fresh DDU installs every time)

Vsync is turned off, chill is disabled. I've read pretty much every thread on rx570 bad performance, tried most of the stuff that's in there. 


Thanks in advance