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RX580 crashes system

Question asked by ergesl on Apr 14, 2020

Builded a brand new PC around AMD, and troubles comed from unexpected side. AMD video driver keeps crashing in some games, but in the others works perfectly. Basically, everything expected to be heavy on system (DOOM 2016, DOOM Eternal, AC Odyssey) works perfect without any problems. But every time I launch, for example, M&B Bannerlord, amd wattman crashes and windows restarts video driver. From first, I thought that game itself was problem(even created topic on talewords forum) but after some digging and launching other games, that supposed to be not so heavy (Firewatch, Bloodstained, WE.The revolution), every single time I get a crash after 5-10 min ingame. Any info what is going on, or how to fix this?


Ryzen 7 2700x

Gygabyte b450 Gaming X

8ggb Patriot

Gigabyte RX580 8Ggb

Chieftec 1000W