Black Screen when trying to boot

Discussion created by batvibezz on Apr 13, 2020
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Hello,AMD Community!

I am new here,I apologize for any grammar mistakes or stuff like that,English is not my first language!

So,recently I bought a new PC for myself and it was working well until today,I noticed that the mainboard was not working properly,I own an AMD Sapphire R9-270X 4GB.I don't know why or how this happened,I still think this happened because of the PSU(it's a 600W one)....Also,now,when I turn the PC on,the fans just run for a second and then they suddenly stop working..after a few seconds they work once again.By the way,it is booting onboard graphics..

Any suggestions?

Is the graphics card dead?Do I have to change it?

Is the PSU not giving enough power?

By the way..the BIOS doesn't recognize the graphics card.