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7870 HDMI audio - No Device Found

Question asked by mbridd on Apr 13, 2020
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Currently pulling out what hair I have left


Recent fresh install, motherboard no longer has a onboard audio card. I was hoping to use the Graphics card HDMI audio passthrough however have ran into issues


As it currently stands the audio device doesnt show up in the tray  orsound devices. The monitor is a samsung B2330HD and I have previously used the passthrough, I have tried different HDMI cables also.


The device however does show in task manager under system devices, By default it always reverted to the Microsoft driver



I did manage to find existing AMD Audio drivers and have attempted using them with no luck also



I have also installed the drivers for the monitor not that i see what difference that would make



Specs for the machine:

Epyc 7252


32GB DDR4 2933MHz ECC

XFX 7870 2GB GHZ Edition

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64


I initally had the GPU and Audio passed through in a KVM vm in ubuntu, graphics worked flawlessly I just couldnt work out why the audio did not. Ran a baremetal windows 10 install same issue, trying to solve it on baremetal then apply it to the vm.


All help appreciated

Many Thanks