PC crashes into an empty green screen with no text and reboots.

Discussion created by spookymonster34 on Apr 12, 2020
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(I have a similar post on reddit, just thought posting here again may increase my chances of getting it fixed)

My Build :
- R5 3600
- B450 Tomahawk Max

- Rx5700 XT Gaming X
- 2x8gb 3200 Ram
- 650w PSU


The Problem :

My computer crashes into an empty green screen with no error codes whatsoever and reboots by itself. This happens while gaming/benchmarking. Ive yet to had it crash under normal usage (web browsing,youtube). I ran benchmarks like Cinebench R20 and Heaven but heaven seems to be the one that induces the green screen crash. The crash can also be replicated while benchmarking in "Rainbow Six Siege". I do not have overclocks.


What I tried so far :
- DDU and reinstalling drivers to 20.2.2. (The recommended one)

- Memtest86 for ram. Passed all test.

- Removing ryzen master and afterburner and reinstalling them to their defaults.