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Why cant I get triple screens?

Question asked by sodacandan on Apr 12, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2020 by hardcoregames™

It all started when I wanted triple screens for gaming. GTX/RTX were out of my price range so I went with a recomandation from another AMD user and got a XFX RX5700XT. I have had nothing but problems with the card and dont think I will be a return customer of AMD products. First, my computer will turn on and then off and on.................untill I manualy shut it down then most of the time fires up. Then because I cant get F! 2019 in VR (Vorpx sucks and thought if I get this card it would be easier to get it working but no dice) I went out and bought trip screens GREAT RIGHT?? not so fast, I cant get them to work either as one big screen. Ive tried and tried and tried till I am blue in the face and just say screw it. Either I am a failure or it is the card and to be honest, it is prob me but who knows at this point. I am not the best at tech things but dam it shoiuldnt be this hard to acomplish the task. I have a windows 10, I7 4790K, XFX RX5700xt, 16 Gb ram, 800 watt PSU. I went from a GTX 1060 6Gb thinking that a $400 card (tax included) would be a better everything but all I have gotten has been disapointment and frustration. So what am I trying to acomplish? Glad you asked, I am trying to get triple screens for F1 2019 with my XFX RX5700XT, get it to STOP shutting down every time I turn it on. and lastly find some information as to what power wires go to it. Do I have to have the 8 pin and the 6 pin at the same time or just one or the other? i have read ppl have to have them all hoooked up and others are saying the other way around so I am lost there too. I have the 6 and 8 pin connected and it is working (I guess you could say that). Sorry for the rant but I have a lot of time trying to get things sorted out instead of gaming and it is frustrating to say the least but, It seems to be nice for my oculus quest so It isnt a total disapointment so to speak. Any thoughts or is this just a bad card?