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Instant replay and recording only works on desktop

Question asked by spaceman51 on Apr 12, 2020

Does anyone else have this issue? So I'm using AMD Software on Windows 10 for an RX 590 and I have the hotkeys for record and instant replay set to Alt + F9 and Alt + F10. When I launch games, I can get the in-game overlay sidebar (by pressing Alt + Z) just fine and I can begin a recording via that menu but no hotkeys work once it starts. What's weirder is if I open overlay back up and click to stop the recording, nothing happens. Instant replay behaves the same way. Once I exit the game and get back to my desktop, the hotkeys work again and I get the top right banner saying "recording saved to ___." So you can't save a recording until you're all done playing. That doesn't always work plus an instant replay without a hotkey is useless.