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5700XT: fans don't start even at over 100C [solved]

Question asked by alain_jm on Apr 11, 2020
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5700XT Taichi, win10 (1909), running Folding@home (FAH) software (very intensive). 

I was working on another machine and I noticed that the one with the 5700XT was making a hell of a noise. It was the 5700XT's fans. Temps were very hot (>80C). I then saw that the fan rpm didn't register in GPU-Z (always open on the desktop). I stopped the application, restarted, relaunched FAH. The 5700XT started to work normally, but the fans didn't move, even when the GPU temperature (hot spot) got over 100C. I stopped it. Uninstalled the driver (latest version, downloaded the day before) and software and reinstalled from a fresh download with a "factory reset". No change. 


I have used this card for several weeks and she didn't show such a behavior before, that is, the fans were activated progressively and the temperature never reached such a level.


What am I supposed to do?