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Cant see temps/voltages and so in Ryzen Master

Question asked by skalicc on Apr 11, 2020

Hi all,

I have a new rig, R5 3600 with ASUS Prime B450m-k MOBO (BIOS version 1201, on latest version my screen was in sleep mode) and 16GB 3200MHz RAM. I have noticed that temperatures in idle are very high 50-75°C and are very high while gaming too up to 95°C (stock cooler). I have tried HW info, CPU-Z and others but I have read that there are some false informations on Ryzen.. I have tried to install Ryzen Master, but there is no info (screenshot)

I have already instaled AMD chipset driver, reinstalled Windows, reseted CMOS and I dont know what else should I do to see informations in Ryzen Master. Can somebody help me?


Also sorry for my english..