R5-1600x Vcore set in the BIOS doesn't influence Vcore in load.

Discussion created by g.boonen on Apr 11, 2020
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I'm trying to OC my 1600x.

Whatever the Vcore set in the BIOS in manual mode, the Vcore I read in HWinfo64 or cpu-Z remains the same (for the same ratio).

If i leave the Vcore constant in the BIOS an increase the ratio, the Vcore i read after booting change and seems to adapt itself automatically to the ratio.

I justt want the CPU to run at the Vcore that i want but it doesn't. What can I do ??


Here is my set up :


 Ryzen 1600x

MSI B350 Tomahawk

DDR4 16 Gb Ballistix @2666 MHz

Be quiet pure rock

MSI RX 580 gaming x


Thanks for support