RX 580 Heat causes monitor flicker when using DP

Discussion created by ohemetophobia on Apr 10, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2020 by hardcoregames™

I just recently purchased two very nice monitors, 1080p, 144hz, and freesync. All good enough for my gaming setup; however, I noticed that the monitor that is connected via displayport with flash some artifacting and then turn off and then back on when under heavy load.


I've tried two different displayport cables and two different ports on my GPU to see if anything changed. It seemed to at first, but then I noticed that when my GPU is under heavy load, it starts to flicker again. It does it most notably when I'm running Folding@home since that maxes the GPU. It flickers less when I open MSI Afterburner because with afterburner I have slight overclock of both the core clock and VRAM, but I also have a far more aggressive fan curve set which keeps it cooler, but I still get the occasional flicker, but having the monitor flick on and off during a gaming session is unacceptable.


To the point, is there a way to fix this that doesn't require the expenditure of hundreds of dollars?