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Aorus Radeon Rx 5700 XT DisplayPort problems

Question asked by dr.ayman on Apr 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2020 by sticks2971

Hi , when i try VGA card Aorus radeon 5700 xt with monitor Aorus C27F , with display port cable , it is not working , windows not boot on DisplayPort cable - it give me no signal even i choice my display-input on monitor on displayport

When i tried to connect the pc and mointor by hdmi cable it boot normally and worked perect

And then i find if i need to run the Pc on Dp cable i must use hdmi first till windows opened then i convert to display port cable while pc is on,

When i go to my pc store which i bought the aorus products from it , we try 4 VGA cards and we discovered it is a problem from the aorus radeon rx 5700 xt cards ,

First we suspect in the mointor but later we make sure it is not the mointor because we try aorus rtx 2070 and it boot on display port well

Motherboard : x570 aorus elite wifi Mointor : aorus curved c27f

I tired 1-plug and unplug dp cable and power cable 2-updated the bios to last version 3-update the graphic card to version 20.2.2 4-update the monitor to last version F06

So please if there any soultion to make my pc boot on display port automatic without convert it manually please help me