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Graphic card driver issues

Question asked by pascale on Apr 8, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by pascale

Hi guys, 


I build a new system yesterday. Here are the core specs: ryzen 5 2600, msi b450 mortar max, msi rx 5600 xt gaming x, new ssd. 


I can boot into windows without a problem. Windows shows that there is a problem with graphics drivers and it looks like as if it can't find a sufficient driver for my graphics card. It uses just a windows driver. 


When I install the driver manually I got a black screen every time at the end of the installation. The PC doesn't crash just the screen goes black. When shut the pc down an restart it I got a short windows logo an then back to black screen again. 


I can reinstall windows and the problems are gone, but I don't have an amd driver again. 


Has anyone a good idea? 


Thx. Pascale