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5700XT High Idle/Desktop Power Consumption 35W@144Hz 1440p. But drops significantly to ~15W@120Hz 1440p.

Question asked by arksez on Apr 8, 2020

I've got the Red Dragon 5700XT and for some stupid reason the power draw during desktop use/idling is stupidly high at 144hz compared to 120hz (Literally it drops to HALF the power draw by dropping monitor refresh rate by 24Hz which is ILLOGICAL!). I also noticed that the clock speed is ridiculously high for the utilisation %. I've read somewhere in this forum that switching from HDMI to  DP solves the problem. But I'm already connected through DP 1.4 on my monitor (27gl850).


Is this a driver bug of some sort? Contemplating of replacing my GPU as it's currently running too hot, too high a load, for doing absolutely nothing. (Never mind the terrible driver support, should've listened to advice about the constant black screens and stuttering in games). Anybody else have this issue?Power Consumption at 144Hz 1440p Power Consumption at 120Hz 1440p