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Ryzen 5 3600 & HTC Vive Wireless...does it work in your setup and what combination do you have?

Question asked by thludwig on Apr 8, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by thludwig

Hi everybody.


When I started with a PC 1992 I had an Intel 486, then a Pentium. Don't know exactly when I turned towards AMD processors but it didn't take very long.


Right now I have a FX-8320 and I bought a wireless adapter for my HTC Vive (the original one, no Pro or even larger). I found out that the 8320 is too weak to run it. Smaller games are OK but Paranormal Activity isn't good to play already.


I decided to buy a new CPU and leaned towards Ryzen 5-3600. But I found that there are problems with Ryxzen processors and the wireless adapter (esp. the PCIe-card from Intel, you have to install in your PC). This was stated in 2018. You will find lots of articles about that in the net.


Then I read that the new 3xxx Ryzens didn't have that problem. The support people at HTC say that the problems still exist due to 'some' chipsets for AM4-sockets and the recommend to buy a Intel CPU instead.


I don't want to spend more money for less performance. anybody here using a Ryzen CPU with the HTC Vive wireless adapter and is satisfied? If so, may I ask your combination? :-)


Thanks, I hope somebody can point me to a working mainboard. I really don't want to go back to Intel processors