RX 5700 XT: during driver install - black screen, no signal. Can't then boot.

Discussion created by kriswoj on Apr 8, 2020
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New build PC, brand new fresh Windows 10 install

Ryzen 3600

MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max - latest BIOS

Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT

Corsair ValueSelect DDR4 2400 2x 8GB

Riotoro Enigma G2 850W PSU

Integral 240GB M.2 SSD

1440p monitor with DVI and HDMI ports only, so is connected to the GPU via HDMI


Basically, I can't install ANY radeon drivers for the GPU.

During the installation process of any compatible driver, the screen goes black, I get a no signal or similar indication on the screen and then nothing. Restarting loads the Windows splash screen, but then immediately after it goes black again with the no signal indication from the monitor. 


I have to boot into safe mode and run DDU to get the comp booting with the display working. The display is then using the default Microsoft Basic display adapter. 


I've tried running DDU with no internet, installing radeon with no internet connection, but same thing. 


I had updated Windows with all the latest updates, and installed all the motherboard drivers. 


I've read loads of different threads about possible causes/fixes, but not managed to get anything working. 


Is there a definitive list of AMD recommended fixes for this? Seems like it is a well known issue.


On a possible cause note, I used to have HDMI no signal connection issues with an old Samsung TV and any attached devices (e.g. blu ray player) if there was a unexpected interruption in power. Even if they were still physically connected, the TV would not see the device. Something to do with the EDID handshake or something like that. Not sure if this is similar.  I have read of people using dp/dvi adaptors and it then working which suggests it is maybe a hdmi-hdmi issue, as I've just realised that my comp is still running in the background, by managing to restart it by successfully guessing where my mouse was and clicking start/power/restart with the black screen. So maybe it is just something that needs to successfully re-instate the hdmi handshake?


I would have just got myself an adaptor for this, but as I want to run at 1440p, active adaptors are very expensive. 


Please help! I've currently got a waste of money 5700 XT, that I either want running properly soon, or a clear indication that I won't get it running properly so I can return it before my return window closes.