Inspiron 5675 Ryzen 5 Upgrades

Discussion created by dcsnow1000 on Apr 8, 2020
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Good Morning All,


I purchased a Dell Inspiron 5675 back in 2018 and was looking to upgrade it to be able to expand my gaming ability on the PC and bring it up to speed with current times. 


Currently has - Ryzen 5 1400 and Radeon RX 560


I purchased AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT and a Ryzen 9 3900X. In hindsight I should of probably done some research to see if I should of done any other upgrades with it to help these run the best (Full Disclaimer I am not tech savy when it comes to building/upgrading PCs.)


I already upgraded to 32Gb Ram. I know it has a 450W Power Supply. I can not locate what type of Motherboard it is running.   Any other recommendations on upgrades? Or should these put me in a good place for gaming (No Streaming) with Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls, Valorant, Etc.


Thanks all!