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My new AMD build keeps freezing on idle or light internet browsing

Question asked by sbk24 on Apr 7, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by pokester

Hi Guys,



CPU: 3700X

Motherboard: Auros X570 I Pro Wifi

Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb (2 x 8gb)

PSU: Corsair SF600 

SSD: Samsung Evo 970 plus 1TB MVMe M.2

GPU: MSI GTX 2060 Super.


I wonder if you could help me with my new build. The computer was built with a fresh install of windows and all the appropriate drivers and the latest bios software (F12E). However, on the odd occasion (but happening more frequent now) is that it seems to keep freezing. You can't load up task manager etc. You have to hard reset the PC. This will do it maybe several times a week. However, it seems to only happen when idling or very light work.


I have done a couple of stress tests such as prime95 and memTest86 but they all come up fine. So I'm slightly lost in what to do next. I have monitored the temperatures when idling etc an they seem in range. I have also gone into events viewer and the only critical error it picks up is when I hard reset it.


The pc is not overclocked and I have thought about whether it could be the psu but from online calculators, it should only be consuming approximately 450watts max. So 600 should, in theory, be more than enough. I can't work out if its a software fault or hardware fault. I