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RX 580  black screen

Question asked by cukrosbacsi on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by folken02

When i launch a game ( sc2 Cod wz ) i usually play about 10-20 minutes then the screen goes black for 1-2 sec while sound is on, it comes back and after couple secs or mins it goes black again. Even on the desktop i have the same issue, i tried reinstalling windows, the newest drivers, reinstalling the last 2019 drivers which worked perfectly for a long time, tried undervolting/underclocking changing the cable from DP to HDMI, both came with my 144 hz monitor the problem still persists. The only change is when i turn Freesync off, then there was no flicker but im not quite sure because these are random sometimes it occurs daily sometimes it appears once in 2 weeks, my PSU is 550w Corsair.

My temps are in 60-70C under load. I've read a lot about this issue online but the undervolting didn't fixed it for me.

Any help is appreciated thank you in advance.