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after win 10 update my monitor to lose signal via DP???

Question asked by silverphill on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2020 by pokester

ryzen 2700x   

gigabyte rx590 (will be rx5700 oc) when issue resolved

gigabyte x470 ultra gaming 

27" acer xz271 w/HDMI


after trying to resolve an issue, which has bothered me for months (14), been gathering dust for 4, i had done a fresh install with above setup, all was working perfectly, so decided to connect the monitor again with a DP cable (better FPS/clarity??) while system was on,, used it for 6 hours at least,played games, stress test for 3hrs, brilliant, then thought id check for win10 updates and turn it off

when i briefly seen a win10 message about restating due to AMD USB 3.0 driver then when restarted, and problem is back!!!! .. monitor wont stay connected via DP, stays on for 3 seconds max, go black, then hunts for signal via hdmi etc.. comes back round to dp stays on for 3 secs....repeat steps 1 to3 ... any advice will be appreicated please.


Also,,all hardware now in test bench set up(removed from case) as ive also been chasing a issue where it just turns off as if power has been cut, everytime being pushed hard, thought it was PSU but since taking it out the case its not done it since!! could this have been a loose cable??