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Will changing x470 RAID->AHCI break the array when i change it back?

Question asked by amduuuuuurgh on Apr 6, 2020

I want to dual boot win10 and linux.

I have a raid0 2x1T EVO860s in windows , which due to the complete lack of  a driver for linux being avilable ( please correct me if im wrong ) , the installation media cannot see either the ARRAY or even the other disks attached to the board.


I have another ssd and also an m2 sata in the 2nd slot.


If I change the  sata  type  from RAID-> AHCI, to  install and use linux for ( for however  long that is ), then decide  to re enable the raid sata  in  the bios...  so long as nothing has written to the disks etc, can I assume it will build the array back as it was before?