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New 5700xt, seems fine... except for Yakuza Kiwami

Question asked by forkapple on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2020 by forkapple

Not sure what's going on here; I play everything at 1440p max details, and so far Risk of Rain 2, WoW Classic (yeah, surprise), Resident Evil 3 Remake, Ori and the Blind Forest, Fortnite, other than some obnoxious stuttering I wasn't experiencing on my 1650 Super, everything seems to be moving along just fine and I'm very happy with the card.

Except for when playing Yakuza Kiwami.  This... isn't working well at all.  The game runs at a fine enough clip, but invariably the game hangs itself in a way where the graphics either go out or the UI is superimposed over a black screen, the system graphics no longer respond (I can sorta hear the system/game still going, music's running but SFX stop) and either the PC eventually restarts itself or I hit the power button and it shuts down and restarts.  I can see the SSD working but I don't see anything on display after the game soft locks.  Never happened before.

Sometimes it happens in minutes, sometimes it takes closer to an hour to happen, but it always happens.  And always during a fight.  Running with Riva Statistics Overlay actually seems to make it happen faster, but when it happens I'm seeing temps around 77c on GPU and 49c on CPU, card draw is around 198w, nothing I'm not seeing on other games that don't lock up like this.

Anyone else seen/fixed this?  I'm going to try a forced undervolt on the game (love the software package for AMD cards so far btw) for a few hours tonight and see if it fixes it... Just not sure why nothing else misbehaves like this, or why one specific game would.  Could this be a driver/caching issue that's gonna require a reinstall to fix up?  I don't wanna hear that but other than running DDU to clean up the Nvidia stuff left behind (already done) I'm not sure what else to try.  If the undervolt fixes it, I'm assuming that for some reason somehow maybe the power supply's at fault?  For one specific game that's not even driving the card that hard?