Is this defective Wraith Prism? or it is just too loud?

Discussion created by quickshifterofficial on Apr 6, 2020
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This is QS,


I have upgraded my processor with Ryzen 5 3500X + Wraith Prism Combo. my older processor was Ryzen 3 1300x it had really quite a cooling fan on it. I understand that Wraith prism has bigger fan but does it suppose to make vibrations while speeding up? and keep that vibrations at higher RPMs like 2500+ 

I've checked other tickets but mine doesn't has rattling sound on it, also there is no vibration at lower rpms like 1800's, 2200's

You could check the video, it is bit loud so careful. but you can clearly see the vibration at when its going higher rpms (from shaking) 

looking for your advices,