Ryzen 3600x b450 tomahawk max Cpu temp loop

Discussion created by danilo94 on Apr 6, 2020
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Hi everyone,
I have the problem described below with my new builted pc:


- motherboard: b450 tomahawk max

- cpu: ryzen 3600x

randomically, sometimes at pc startup and sometimes when I finish playing, the cpu temperature enter in a sort of infinite loop in which the cpu temperature starts from a value (eg. 45C) and decrease in a few seconds to another value (eg. 35C), and this continue indefinitely, starting from 45 and going down to 35. Consequently the cpu fan increase and decrease following the cpu temp. I attached a small video that shows the problem

The loop stops immediately if I switch to the silent profile performance and then switching again to the balanced profile (through the MSI dragon center software). If I do this the cpu temperature stops immediately to a fixed value.
All drivers are updated with the latest driver uploaded in the support page of the motherboard, and also the bios is updated.

Could you please help to find out if it's a software or hardware problem?
  Thanks in advance to everyone


EDIT: maybe the problem is related to cpu voltage, and so consequently there is a strange behavior of the cpu temp