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is CPU dead?

Question asked by markjohnson on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2020 by elstaci

I put together a Ryzen a little over a month ago.


Asus Prime X470-Pro with updated BIOS

Ryzen 3800X

16 GB Corsair Vengence RGB 3200 MHz (C14) 2x8GB


It has been working for past two weeks and suddenly won't post and no BIOS beep codes and the CPU restarts over and over every 5-seconds or so.


I pulled MB and benchtested with 1-stick of RAM (both stock speed of 2133 MHz and xmp profile 3200 MHz) and my new GTX 1650 video card.  I get the same result.


I searched forums everywhere and someone had the same issue and said after he removed all RAM that the MB beeped.  So I remove all RAM from the MB and turn it on and I get one long beep, then 2 short beeps, which seems to be no RAM.


So does this mean the CPU is bad since the motherboard beeps?


What else can I do to figure this out before I need to RMA the CPU?


BTW, my power supply is a Seasonic X650 80Plus rated and fully modular.  I also dpouble checked all PSU connections at the PSU and MB and GPU.  Nothing else is plugged in.


Thanks for any help.