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Monster Hunter World: Iceborn - Black Screen & Crash - 5700 XT Pulse

Question asked by tribbiani on Apr 5, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by tribbiani

Hi to everyone who reads this. (and sorry for bad english in advance)


Short story, what the title says. I bought a 5700 XT Sapphire Pulse. It came with RE3 and MHW. RE3 runs great, good performance, no problems, like all the rest of the games i  have (pubg, overwatch, witcher 3, dbz figterz, pathfinder kingmaker, etc).


Sadly, when i start MHW, game just shows a black screen, no sound. After a few secs, my system freezes and either restarts or i have to do it myself manually (hardreset). I searched a LOT and tried everything i can, change configurations of the game in .ini file (low settings, dx12 on/off, hq texture pack off, windowd/borderless,fullscren), windows pci express power profile set from moderate to off, new driver 20.4, older driver 19.2.1 (then going back to 20.2). I also went with autoundervolt, custom core speed to 1900-1950 and Volt to 1070-1100, and other stuff. All based on "solutions" users talk about in post like 2-3 months ago, here in amd forums or reddit. I already asked AMD for a solution, no asnwer so far, and im out of options. This also happend with Star Wars: Batlefront 2 but suddendly it works again.


Im running this GPU with a b450  asus tuf gaming, evga 750 GQ, ryzen 2700x 16gb 2400 hyperx. (no overclocks).


If anyone can share some tips or suggestions, or even comment on the same problem, ill be thankfull.


Thanks to everyone, have a nice day.