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Another 5600xt with driver issues

Question asked by sinshiva on Apr 5, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2020 by xirombinha

Freshly installed 4/4/2020, Win10pro 1909

i7 4790 (non-K) (with cryorig cooler, runs ice cold)

Gigabyte B85m

GSkill 16gb DDR3 @ 1600 (due to mobo lacking support for the 1866 profile)

Corsair 850TX PSU

Gigabyte 5600xt with new bios, 4/1 driver


Windows power settings on High Performance, Fastboot disabled.  Bare minimum applications running while playing Control.  Control randomly crashes to black screen of death after variable amounts of time.  Recently, it happened while opening a one of those in-game documents for some reason.


Another oddity;  the mmo game Forsaken World is missing a random 2D UI element, the avatar in the top left corner of the screen.  this game uses some old af C&C engine or something to that effect.  this immediately happened after replacing a gtx960 with the 5600xt and has persisted through a clean install of both windows and the game.


Other games that have crashed on me; BF4 (dx11, generally stable, though.  initially tried mantle which worked the first time, then would crash on boot.  later learned about it being 'dis-mantled'  so disabled it in the profile config), BF5 (both dx12 and dx11, but dx11 is infinitely more stable.)  RE3, which is hilarious, since this latest driver supposedly specifically added support for that game.  Chromium based Edge crashed the driver while trying to register for this forum lol.


Had this system for years blah blah gigabyte gtx960 never crashed once, _ever_, in the entirety of its lifespan blah blah ad nauseum.  I've beaten this system to death with prime95.  All RAM downclocking suggestions will be ignored with prejudice.


random bf4 errors and crashes below.  generally i don't even get to see errors when other games black-sod.  when chromium edge crashed the driver, the whole screen was just frozen.


I'm not here expecting to find answers, mostly just to add another system to what i am sure is a long list AMD needs to figure out driver compatibility issues.  I'll happily try new stuff, though.