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three problem on my 5700

Question asked by super on Apr 4, 2020

hello everyone , sorry for my bad language but im really need to help i have some porblem on my xfx 5700

first one as shown in the video , i cant download last update


second - sometimes when i watch movie on VLC or MPC my comupter stops completely (also my RGB of keyboard stopped)

last problem - sometimes i got blackscreen but at the sametime i can hear everything i can do anything but to solution the problem i have to turn off my monitor and turn on it again (Note: when i got blackscreen my monitor still woring and i can use the settings of monitor so the problem is not from my monitor)


My specs

xfx 5700

amd r7 2700x

monitor AOC

16gb 3200Mhz ram

gigabyte b450m ds3h