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RX570 Crash to Desktop problem for years

Question asked by nightvisit on Apr 4, 2020
Latest reply on May 11, 2020 by hardcoregames™

Hello Guys


I have bought the graphics card (Sapphire Pulse ITX ) more than a year ago as an update to GTX 750Ti. With GTX 750Ti, everything was fine except the performance. TF2 is kind of the game I only play, and the problem occurance varied throughout my usage of the card. Currently it happens in a couple of minutes but back in the past I could play some hours.

I play the game, and every game ends with a crash to desktop and game running in the background but you cant bring the game screen back. But I can hear the game is working, the sound is still there, when I click on the mouse, my character still fires his weapon I can hear all these details.
Desktop also doesnt work properly until you force the app to end. In the old days it said something about Wattman settings when it crashed but the software has been updated since than and only thing I get is "no signal" message from my screen for a couple of seconds and back with desktop view and what I described above.
I have changed the game graphics settings from ultra to low but it doesnt change anything. I have monitored the cpu and gpu usage and temperatures and it never went above 50 degC, and it didnt even use its full capacity.

From the beginning I have realized this was a driver issue and hoped the next update would fix it but I started to think it will never happen.


Is this a known issue? What can you suggest?