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Ryzen 5 2400G constant crashes

Question asked by dakoyta on Apr 4, 2020
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Please bare with me as this is my first built PC, and I am quite a noob with some of the terminology.

I built this PC about two years agoish, and have always had crashing problems. My first year I never really used it, and the crashing is starting to get worse as I have actually started playing games.





CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G

GPU: Sapphire RX 560

MB: Gigabyte AB350M-DS3H
RAM: 4 x 8 GB DDR4 - 2400
Memory: 250 SSD & 2 TB SSHD
Fans: 2 front, 1 rear (+1 if you count the cpu)
PSU: 500 Watt 80+ EVGA

OC: No

Ram timing: Yes


System typically crashes:

70% Under load
20% While exiting an application that had a heavy load

10% Not under load


System still crashes without the graphics card in it.

System still crashes with only 1 dim stick of ram at a time.

System does not provide any sort of crash logs, or events

System does not reboot after crash (must be hard reset)


System on latest bios: Yes

Drivers up to date: Yes


When the system crashes, the screen may change to a bright green, blue, or black.

Audio tends to still play for a couple seconds after the crash, then stutters, then silence.

Fans continue to spin after crash.

Have to hard reset to load system back up.



Temps with heat gun immediately after crash:

GPU 103 (39 C)
CPU 106 (41 C)
RAM 108 (42 C)


System seems to preform better when the CPU voltage is left at default settings with AMD Ryzen Master (1.45V)

System is unstable at 1.3525 V


Lastly, I tried to reinstall windows hoping to fix the issue.


No luck, 


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you a million