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Is there a solution to the constant GPU spike?

Question asked by electric_zax on Apr 4, 2020

I have Radeon RX 560 and I did a fresh OS installation, because the games were spiking, lagging, dropping frames, didn't load graphics on time, etc. I thought that the cause is some old drivers, because my previous graphic card died. Fun fact is - the old one was half as good, but performed much better!
So, new installation, I have nothing but the MB drivers and Radeon software, and this is what I get in idle mode: GPU Spikes (on imgur)

I was looking for over an hour, but I can't seem to find any solution that works for me. There was one with "Disable Zero RPM", but it looks like this option has been removed from the Radeon Software. Is there any solution to this, or should I just follow the suggestion to scrap this and get nVidia instead?


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