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Radeon Relive - "Now Recording" Indicator is Large & Obnoxious

Question asked by tenome on Apr 3, 2020
Latest reply on May 30, 2020 by trufas


I'm on 20.3.1. I swear you guys made this LARGER for the latest Crimson versions. I know people have requested that you guys tone this down, but why are you ignoring those requests? 


1. It's gigantic

2. It stays up for a good 5 seconds before disappearing

3. I don't see any way to actually turn it off. Why?

4. It most certainly does not "require resources" to make this smaller and less obnoxious, those are just excuses. It takes 2 minutes to fix. Nvidia doesn't have a giant obnoxious banner. OBS doesn't have one. Why does AMD have one?

5. "Why don't you use those then?" Because I prefer Relive, which is why I bothered making an account to ask that you guys fix it.


Please replace this with a tiny red dot THAT YOU CAN TURN OFF IF YOU WANT that fades away very quickly. Thank you.