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still can't use 2020 adrenalin , we are in april 2020

Question asked by xlox on Apr 3, 2020
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4 month now and I can't upgradre my radeon VII drivers  , last ones I tested were 20.3.1 and got crashes after few hours, like with every 2020 drivers versions. This morning I saw 20.4.1 were out, read the release notes , and of course , nothing new for stability issues, so instead of wasting my time testing once again, i pass. So still stuck with 19.11.3, not that these don't work fine (relatively - got to restart my computer after screen goes to sleep mode or I have vram clock problems if i want to play a game then), but it's clearly not encouraging confidence to buy next graphic card from amd , these cards are expensive cards we could expect at minimum working drivers not crashing the system, being able to play and using multiple monitors.., I can understand some problem from one driver to another, but not being able to solve stability issues for month now, begins to be a fat big problem of confidence ... not even speaking about the defective installer with my x570 motherboard chipset