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system crashing on steam ..

Question asked by shawie60 on Apr 3, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2020 by jei

Hi guys. Im looking at a Acer swift 3 laptop (8Gb, AMD Ryzen 7 2700U with Vega 10 mobile GFX - that bluescreens occasionally and at random times when using Netflix or stream.
I updated video drivers because it was listed in bluescreen view and there was a problem with them.
Ive run sfc - all ok. run DISM - all good, checked memory, hard drive for errors - no problems. Seemed to run for a while after that, then a random bluescreen, the last one related to the GFX problem again. Since then Ive disabled 'fast startup' updated the drivers again to a later version. Ran CPU stress tests (Intelburn ) on standard, High, and super high which all passed. I ran Furmark to test the gxf and that ran without problems.
the bluescreens codes are as follows .. 0x000000ef, 0x00000139, 0x0000003b, 0x000000d1, 0x000001e . Apart from the gfx drivers there doesn't seem to be an apparent link to me, but I may have missed it.
It seems the problem lies with an amd driver atikmdag.sys. This seems to be a common problem but as yet nobody's solved it properly at least that I can find. Some people say the older drivers work ok, others a clean install.
Because this is a refurb machine and indicated it was previously windows 8.1 I did a clean install to the latest win10 etc, and while its fixed the Netflix issue he cant play games on steam.
any idea's or feedback would be appreciated ..