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AMD x470-based server, RAIDXpert2 email notifications

Question asked by bjjdad73 on Apr 3, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2020 by bjjdad73

Using an Asrock X470 board for my new server.  First time using RAIDXpert2, Normally use Intel chipset-based RAID or hardware RAID controllers.


I don't see any way to send email notifications if a RAID failure occurs.  Since this is a server I won't be in front of it on a daily basis, so I need some way to get notified of a RAID issue.  Is there something I'm missing?  I've simulated a drive failure and there is no audible alarm from the motherboard.  A message pops up on-screen, but there is no Windows Event Viewer entry created that I can create a task from.  Any suggestions?