Saphire pulse rx 5700 xt temperature problem

Discussion created by albangel on Apr 2, 2020

I really like amd but i have weeks trying to fix a loot of ploblems games crashing, stureting and black screens but the main isue for me its seing that suposly the saphire pulse its not that hot but in almost every task for me its going to the 100 degrees i have tried so much, undervolting, making a fan curve the most close i get was when i decrease voltage that make it go around 85 digress but crashes for everything with that settings, im not a pc expert, im starting and need help if any of you know 


my pc is

CPU: intel i5 8400

GPU : saphire pulse rx 5700 xt (Drivers adrenaline 2020 20.2.2)

ram : T Force 8gb x2