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When???? Tired of this…

Question asked by denys on Apr 2, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2020 by arkkamedes

When will that time come? Metal Api rendering on AMD Mac OS… 
I just want to download the blender and RPR and do my stuff… It just never works, or some major aspects does not work. 
Yes I'm emotional now, but listen – open your eyes: 
– for years RPR is just a toy - you check it and it does not work to full. There no other alternatives on Mac OS… I bet AMD and Apple agreed to have a budged for a team of RPR and now its just being reported "its done" but its not… 
– don't ask me AGAIN my blender version and configuration etc etc, I did it many times here already … ITS JUST A WASTE OF TIME.
– Its fresh stable blender from website and fresh RPR, Mac OS, iMac Pro plugin don't even activate. Game over.
– by the way last time I checked Cycles on CPU was same speed as RPR on Radeon Pro64 with 16gb !!! With better more stable results on caustics, shadows and light. What are you doing in there??

The Only way is to wait for Octane X this year and new Redshift with Metal Api (which were announced long time ago…)

Im sorry bsavery …