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Can Radeon Software Run Fans On Startup?

Question asked by spaceman51 on Apr 2, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2020 by res607

Where is the option in the latest Radeon Software to "run on startup" or "launch with Windows?" I currently use MSI Afterburner to do this, otherwise my graphics card fans never spin. It's alarming to think that your GPU could just be sitting there cooking, fans parked while working and you don't even know it. That happened to me for like a year with my first GPU. until I figured out about MSI. Nowadays, with an AMD card, I am really impressed with the updates being made to the Radeon Software in the past year or so. It's starting to surpass GeForce Experience. What I want to know in this post is how the Radeon Software works and if its new features are grounds to no longer need stuff like MSI Afterburner, Precision XOC, or whatever else it is that people may use. Can the new Radeon Software manage basic signals to GPU like fan speed automatically in the background, without having to remember to start it? Is it always running in the background? I tried using it by itself today and when I went to check my fan speeds they were at zero. Then when I went to the fan curve settings and resaved settings they kicked back on. Sure, maybe MSI Afterburner was interfering with it by running at the same time, but Idk. I had the custom fan curve settings off in MSI.

Anything you know so I can make this software transition and simplify things would be helpful. I'm kind of waiting for the "launch with Windows" feature to be implemented before I do it. I just haven't been able to find a setting for that anywhere yet so was wondering if it's implemented yet...