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Latest update (20.3.1) messed up my RADEON R7 M265 fps on Warthunder (minimal resolution!)

Question asked by spyp on Apr 1, 2020

After the latest update (20.3.1), my RADEON R7 M265 on a Lenovo G510 laptop (on board GPU: HD graphics 4600 - CPU: i7 4700 MQ 2.40 GHz) messed up the FPS on Warthunder, EVEN when played on MIMINAL resolution and the highest settings regarding the system's performandce...

I do understand that this system is somekind weak, but before this update things were not bad! Now I am having fps gaps and image sometimes freezes intantly!


Does anybody have any idea why is this happening and, generaly speaking, WHY ON EARTH AMD developers cannot build a decent update , not even a decent Software Inviroment with not so many tabs scattered all around in the year 2020 ???