Low GPU usage in BFV and other games - VEGA 56 8go OC

Discussion created by helpax on Apr 1, 2020

Hello, i'm pretty aware of the fact that wattman is very important with vega and that i have to make some changes but i've tried everything and couldnt find the good settings. I'm getting low performance in bfV and some games like call of duty where somtimes i go as low as 40 fps and as good as 70 fps wich is not normal.

And yes i did put future frame rendering on ...


Right now im currently on 18.12.2 drivers but no differences between the latest version and this one.


Heres a video test in BFV with everything u should want to know (quality in ultra)

test - YouTube 

ps : the default gpu clock of the card is 1590mhz


During the video test i was using default wattman settings with no changes except for the power limit that i did put at +50%


My config :

GPU : arez strix vega 56 8go OC

CPU : Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 ghz

RAM : 2x8gb ballistics 3000mhz ddr4

Kingston SSD of 500gb

Motherboard : GIGABYTE B450M

PSU : Corsair RM850 gold


Here's a benchmark also : 


Thanks in advance for your time