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help and recommendations on the r9 fury graphics card for adobe premier video editing and davinci resolve?

Question asked by zamorafotocine on Apr 1, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2020 by elstaci

Hello until I decided to write and ask for help, I am new here, greetings to all, I would like to know if the R9 fury graphics card is compatible and recommended with video editing programs such as Davinci Resolve and Adobe premier, since I have searched the web and I have not been lucky to find much information, even in the list of requirements of the official website of adobe premier does not mention any of its recommended gpu lists. my purpose is the video edition in HD resolutions, and 4k of my lumix gh4 camera. I read on the official davinci page that recommends between 4gb and 8gb for 4K Edition, but I understand that the 4gb R9 fury with fiji and hbm technology are excellent, I also have the 8gb r9 390 as an option, in Venezuela where I am from is It is difficult to update new equipment so I have second-hand options until I can have the possibility to update a more updated graphic. I hope you can help me clarify these doubts that I have been investigating for days and only find information about the r9 fury for Games purposes. Thank you thank you thank you. use amd fx 8350 processor 32gb ram asus motherboard font 600 GPU r9 290 that two months ago had failures, gives video with the basic window drivers but when I update drivers, its screen goes black and does not turn on again until I change the gpu or disable the amd drivers in safe mode I have tried several options to revive it but I already gave up.