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Random lag on second monitor

Question asked by javierabadie on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by javierabadie

Mi PC: 


Ryzen 2200G

Vega 8

2 x 8 GB 3200 Corsair LPX

SSD Corsair Force LE 120 GB

2 x 1 TB HDD WD Blue



Drivers I try: 19.11.1 - 19.11.2 - 19.11.3 - 20.2.2


In all cases I have the problem




Random lag. Almost when I watch Twich (is for the most I used the second monitor) 


Monitor 1 HDMi

Monitor 2 DVI


Please AMD, release a small driver with basic functions who works well for people who doesn't care about the other functions