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Covid 19 and Phishing Scams

Question asked by pokester on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by pokester

Just wanted to share that my company is seeing a lot of Phishing Scams related to this pandemic. People sending emails that say stuff like, "you have been exposed to Corona Virus" please fill out the attached document and take it with you to the emergency room. 


They want you to infect your machine or supply information with that document. 


Remind co-workers, friends and family, especially the elderly that very little real notifications come in via email and text that has attachments that have to be completed. These are virtually all bad news. 


If you think it may be real then go to the website for the company yourself. DO NOT FOLLOW EMAIL LINKS, as they can lead to imposter sites that look real.  Then contact them if what you recieved is real or not. 


Amazing that these jerks use this situation to pray on even more people.