Black screen installing drivers

Discussion created by gcabral08 on Mar 31, 2020
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I bought this new RX5700xt and it worked fine for a week. Then, suddenly I got a black screen. Even when I restarted the computer I got the same thing. I installed windows again, but when I am installing the drivers I get a black screen around 67 to 70 percent. I can only enter windows again in safe mode. I have already set the motherboard to use PCIe 3.0 rather than “Auto” for link speed detection and updated BIOS (as it is told here: AMD is Investigating Black Screen Driver Issues on Radeon Cards - ExtremeTech). I also changed the GPU port on motherboard, tried other monitors, installed old drivers, installed the drivers after using DDU. Nothing solved.


Motherboard: AORUS B450 PRO

GPU: Radeon RX5700xt RedDragon PowerColor

AMD Ryzen 53600