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RX5700XT Blackscreen when idle.

Question asked by davehillbo on Mar 31, 2020

Hi all.

Just got a powercolor RX5700XT graphics card, but having a few issues with it.

When browsing (chrome or edge), im occasionally getting black screens and bluescreens (video tdr failure)

, just before this happens I get a few block patterns on the screen (voltage related)?


When gaming, it runs perfectly well, had many a hour playing doom with 0 issues.

I have noticed that when i run GPU-Z and run the render test in the background, i can browse for hours with no issues (again confirms voltage issue?)


Anyone got any fixs ? 


Ryzen 3600

16gb Toughram DDR4 4000Mhz

ASROCK X570 PRO4 motherboard

Antec 750w psu.